2013 Rio Grande Southern Motor #1 by ArizonaLorne
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Motor #1 at Cumbres Pass, N.M.
A Buick straight 6 provides power for #1
President of the Ridgway Railroad Museum and Motorman of Number 1, Karl Schaeffer
Westbound out of Cumbres Pass
Thanks, but no water needed!
Pond south of Coxo crossing
A quick shot through my dirty windshield
The next day, Friday, was cold and raining as #1 approaches Lobato Trestle
According to an old Simon & Garfunkel song, 'Everything looks better in Black & White".
Taking up the rear guard, with Goose #5 in the lead
...into the clouds, climbing to Cumbres Pass
The next day, the weather cooperated beautifully. Back at the Chama yard
Louie Vallejos is reading the 'vehicle manual'. Always a good practice before starting.
Louie had no problem mastering this machine.
Take no prisoners, Louie, as he checks before backing #1. Lew and Jerry watch from Goose #5.
Moving around the Chama Yard
We waited for the afternoon passenger train to arrive
Your truly, Lorne A Noyes, after squeezing in the cab.
Definitely no creature comforts: To get my boots in thru the door, I had to shift them sideways!
Eastbound after leaving Cumbres Pass. Rod is standing in the stake bed.
After trans-versing Tangle Foot Curve
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