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_DSC3610 (Approaching Los Pinos Tank)
_DSC3618 (Sister Motor #1 in hot pursuit)
_DSC3624 (A mix of Goose and Steers.  Cowboy waves to passengers as they follow their charges in this fall tradition..)
_DSC3626 (Traffic jam on Hwy 64 as these hay burners take up both lanes!)
_DSC3630a (I wonder how many cattle drives he has been on in his short life?)
_DSC3633 (A brief stop at Cumbres Pass, NM)
_DSC3635 (They don't look happy at all.................NOT.)
_DSC3636 (My friend from Verde Valley, AZ - Allen Montgomery on his first goose ride.)
_DSC3643 (Coxo Crossing is well protected with volunteer flagman.)
_DSC3644 (Looking back at Windy Point)
_DSC3645 (Here comes little sister, Motor #1)
_DSC3651 (Passing Cresco Tank)
_DSC3653_edited-2 (Larry Spencer peaking out the door window.)
_DSC3664 (Following a static photo shoot)
_DSC3682 (Coming across Lobato Trestle)
_DSC3710 (In Chama, NM in the C&TS yard)
_DSC3712 (Now a short run to the wye with Larry and Conductor Allen)
_DSC3713 (Coming back into the yard northbound.  The evening train has just arrived.)

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