2013 A Goose in Sun, Rain & Snow by ArizonaLorne
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September 26, bright and sunny as the geese roll into Cumbres Pass
September 26
September 26
September 26, crossing Lobato Trestle
September 26, rolling thru the Chama yard towards the wye.
September 26: Conductors Ed and Allen discuss the upcoming freight consist for Chama Steam
September 26: On the final leg of the wye
September 26: passing the station in Chama
September 27: Cold and raining and ready for departure
September 27:
September 27: That haze is just rain as Lobato Trestle is approached.
September 27: The clouds look threatening as Goose #5 sounds her air horns at Dalton
September 27: Into the clouds (almost).
September 27:
September 27: Goose #5 makes it back, after seeing snow at the pass
September 27: Just running around the Chama yard
September 28: Conductor Frank Stapleton and Larry Spencer talk before departure
September 28: A trace of snow remain the next day at Cumbres Pass
September 28:
September 28: As usual, Lew is protecting the rear with communiction mic in hand
September 28: This is what is left of the snow shed at Cumbres Pass
September 28: Below Coxo crossing
September 28: Passing Cresco Tank
September 28: Photo runby coming up
September 28:
September 28: Water, Coal, Sand and Goose
September 28: A size comparison between the Geese
September 28: Lew at the ready
September 28: As seen from inside RGS #1
September 28:
September 29: RGS Motor #5, otherwise known as a 'Galloping Goose', is seen resting on the cliff at Windy Point. Her brood is most interested in the approach of the 'double-header' coming up Wolf Creek Valley below. This photo was taken at a distance of 1/2 a mile.
September 29: My final shot as #5 clears Tanglefoot Curve and heads towards Toltec Gorge
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