2014-08-14 RGS #5 Durango to Silverton by ArizonaLorne
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  3. 2014-08-14 RGS #5 Durango to Silverton2014-08-14 RGS #5 Durango to Silverton
The first D & S passenger train passes in the rain.
Climbing the hill in the rain with maximum tonnage, it was tremendously LOUD!!
Louie giving Jack final instructions: "Two shorts on the air horn means go forward". I'm sure that's what Louie said!!
The rain was letting up for our first run-by.
Conductor Paul Carson throwing the switch so #5 can clear the main
It's a furr piece down the cliff
Volunteers Bill and Kathryn White maned the souvenir part of #5
Tacoma hydro-electric plant
Plant housing for attendants
We were scheduled for a plant tour, but the attendant was unexpectedly called away. All we could do was shoot thru the expanded metal door. I would recommend the power authority cut a 4 x 4 inch opening for camera usage.
Goose talk between Louie, John and Paul
Joe in communication with the motorman for the backup move.
Ready for departure after having lunch at Cascade Wye.
John Randall is enjoying his turn as motorman.
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