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Item information:

_DSC3151 (While technically not a goose, Motor 1 suffered a broken drive shaft west bound approaching Cumbres Pass on October 2nd.  Fortunately, Motor 5 was able to assist with the attachment of a tow bar and safety chain.)
_DSC3153 (I would be delighted to hear comments from any of the crew on either vehicle.)
_DSC3155 ("Colorado Joe" Becker checking the county road crossing)
_DSC3173 (C&TS #488 passes the Motors 5 &1 at Cumbres Pass)
_DSC3182 (Karl unscrews the bolt from the tow bar..)
_DSC3183 (Motor #1, now detached from #5, waits for Karl to retrieve the trailer from Chama.)
_DSC3185 (Conductor Ed Beaudette, and pilot for Galloping Goose #5, is about to align the switch for the main.)
_DSC3221 (Turning the Goose on the wye)
_DSC3223 (C&TS #488 backing up the wye, as the Goose pulls ahead)
_DSC3225 ("Colorado Joe" Becker looks back at #488)

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