2012 Galloping Goose #5 Trip by ArizonaLorne
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Returning from Antonito the previous day
On the wye passing the stock pens
Lew flagging the crossing
The next morning, Larry preps the Goose
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White flags indicate our status: Running Extra
Lew, Larry and Louie, spliced by 2 passengers
View from open back door
Lew giving a concise history lesson
Photo run past Jake's Tree
#5 in siding allows regular EB train to pass
Crossing Lobato Trestle
Lobato Trestle
Enjoying the ride with my feet out the rear door!
One of our many runbys
The weather starts to cool as we approach 10,000 ft
Heavy rain hits as we approach Windy Point
Wet rails
Ed throws the swithch for the wye
Backing on the wye into what remains of the snow shed
Runby on the west side of Cumbres Pass
Jerry starting a fire in the Goose
Always a great view, regardless of the weather
Looking back at Windy Point
Runby just pass Windy Point
Larry, our motorman, and Ed climb aboard
Did I mention the view?
Now riding in the cab, I stayed onboard for a runby
Lobato as seen from an upper curve
Comng into the Chama yard
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