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Item information:

_DSC8386 (Prior to our departure in Parlor/Observation car 'Colorado', our hostess Linda is serving hot drinks and muffins)
_DSC8390 (Conductor Ray Gonzales is ready to high ball Train #216)
_DSC8393 (I wonder whose good looking Miata that belongs too?  So it's mine!)
_DSC8394 (Colorado Railroad Museum's Goose #7 waits to be transported back to its home rails.)
_DSC8395 (My timing for this year's turning of the leaves was super)
_DSC8399 (Engine #484 leading us over Lobato Trestle.)
_DSC8401 (Hey, a guy has to show a little 'class' sometimes)
_DSC8416 (Cresco Tank trestle)
_DSC8418 (Cresco Tank)
_DSC8420 (A lone photographer gets his shot)
_DSC8423 (View from Hamilton Point looking down the Chama Valley)
_DSC8424 (I was impressed with the quality of our car and how it was retro back to the 1900th century)
_DSC8427 (Observation Deck glass door etching.)
_DSC8428 (Approaching Windy Point)
_DSC8432 (Looking down to Coxo Crossing)
_DSC8433 (Julian following us in the fire patrol speeder.)
_DSC8435 (Looking across to Roger's Point)
_DSC8436 (Approaching  Cumbres Pass)
_DSC8439 (Traversing Tangle Foot Curve)
_DSC8440 (West and East bound trackage)
_DSC8441 (Blowing out the Mud Ring)
_DSC8454 (Linda, our car attendant, smiles for my camera, as I pan up to the ceiling decor)
_DSC8463 (Cascade Trestle)
_DSC8465 (The reason for Cascade Trestle!)
_DSC8469 (East of the trestle on a tight curve is a scene of recent rock removal.)
_DSC8470 (Osier, with Goose #5 on the west bound mainline.  A delicious turkey dinner awaits!  Don't forget the double chocolate cake.)
_DSC8471 (Trains #216 and #215 await their passengers.)
_DSC8473 (The camera is pointed west showing the Los Pinos River Valley (upstream from Osier) toward Cumbres Pass.)
_DSC8477 (Parlor/Observation "New Mexico")
_DSC8479 (Travailing north through Los Pinos Valley, we see Goose #5 heading south, up the side of the valley.)
_DSC8482 (#489 leads us through the U-turn at the head of the Los Pinos River Valley.)
_DSC8484 (Los Pinos Tank, where we stopped for water.)
_DSC8498 (A mid-afternoon photo of Coxo Crossing with Goose #5 doing a run-by.)
_DSC8501 (Just another golden yellow tree shot!!!)
_DSC8502 (Looking back at Windy Point)
_DSC8506 (Looking back at Windy Point)
_DSC8510 (Looking back at Windy Point)
_DSC8526 (Looking back at Windy Point)
_DSC8530 (Reflections)
_DSC8531 (Reflections)
_DSC8533 (Cresco Tank and Trestle)
_DSC8535 (Simulated tin ceiling in the Parlor/Observation)
_DSC8537 (Lobato Trestle)
_DSC8540 (Crossing Lobato Trestle)
_DSC8545 (Goose #5 passengers with cameras waiting for their photo op)
_DSC8555 (John Randall gives us a wave as we pass.)
_DSC8557 (The remains of Weed City)
_DSC8559 (Jukes Tree is framed as we pass over Rio Chama)
_DSC8564 (Chama water tank still in brown paint for the movie set)
_DSC8565 (Guess Who)
_DSC8567 (My last shot as we pull into Chama is the old coaling tower.  I hope you enjoyed the trip. .... I did!!)

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