2016 Parlor Observation Trip by ArizonaLorne
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Prior to our departure in Parlor/Observation car 'Colorado', our hostess Linda is serving hot drinks and muffins
Conductor Ray Gonzales is ready to high ball Train #216
I wonder whose good looking Miata that belongs too? So it's mine!
Colorado Railroad Museum's Goose #7 waits to be transported back to its home rails.
My timing for this year's turning of the leaves was super
Engine #484 leading us over Lobato Trestle.
Hey, a guy has to show a little 'class' sometimes
Cresco Tank trestle
Cresco Tank
A lone photographer gets his shot
View from Hamilton Point looking down the Chama Valley
I was impressed with the quality of our car and how it was retro back to the 1900th century
Observation Deck glass door etching.
Approaching Windy Point
Looking down to Coxo Crossing
Julian following us in the fire patrol speeder.
Looking across to Roger's Point
Approaching Cumbres Pass
Traversing Tangle Foot Curve
West and East bound trackage
Blowing out the Mud Ring
Linda, our car attendant, smiles for my camera, as I pan up to the ceiling decor
Cascade Trestle
The reason for Cascade Trestle!
East of the trestle on a tight curve is a scene of recent rock removal.
Osier, with Goose #5 on the west bound mainline. A delicious turkey dinner awaits! Don't forget the double chocolate cake.
Trains #216 and #215 await their passengers.
The camera is pointed west showing the Los Pinos River Valley (upstream from Osier) toward Cumbres Pass.
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