2013-09-29 Chama Steam Excursion by ArizonaLorne
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THE MAN and his train: Jay Wimer
The riders are dropped off, and the special is backed up for a photo run-by.
Approaching Coxo crossing
D&RGW's headlight pops up just yards away from the Cumbres water plug. This dramatically shows the steep grade.
The train is split under the watchful eye of Conductor Allen.
Engine 315 picks up a string of cattle cars.
Engine #463 is first to leave with the first cut of cars.
These are SERIOUS railfans. When the price for the four day excursion is $2K each, that's serious! Please notice: I'm on the ground. I believe there were a total of 30 riders.
Engine #15 pulls out onto the main with a solid string of cattle cars and follows #463,
the first train is now past Los Pinos tank.
Our second train now passes Los Pinos water tank
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