2013-09-27 D&RGW C18 #315 gets serviced in Chama, N.M....
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  3. 2013-09-27 D&RGW C18 #315 gets serviced in Chama, N.M.2013-09-27 D&RGW C18 #315 gets serviced in Chama, N.M.
Men in the pit start their work
Paul Deeter, one of the #315's crew, is ready to start.
C&TS #484 is having major work done
Dave Hibl and Paul Deeter get ready to handle the 'nasty stuff'.
Who belongs to those white whiskers?
Olaf looking in vain for a clean rag?
Bob Keller is #315's videographer
Olaf, Gene, and Bob looking intently....
Dave Hibl and Gene Lincoln
Paul in work mode! It's very dirty work, but somebody has to do it, and the #315 crew are up to the task!
Outside waiting in the rain is #489
C&TS #489 departs for FRA testing on the Rio Chama bridge
The main rods require air tank pressure to get the grease fed properly
Dave cleans "the gun"
C&TS #463 comings in to the engine house
Number 315 consumes much less coal than the larger K36's. This photo was taken before additional coal was added for the double header Sunday
Inside the cab, left to right
Dave stoking the firebox
Nicely distributed fire under the boiler
Dennis D’Alessandro about to enter 'the office'
Getting ready to move #315 forward for additional attention.
C&TS must hire the handicapped...... O.K. this is the locker room, and there's probably a story behind the 'emblem'.
Yours Truly, Lorne A Noyes, self portrat as an honorary #315 crew member for the day
Olaf and Gene
Let's call it a day!
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