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Albert Worrell with his 'work in progress' 200 tonne crane. He is still working on the design of the out-riggers and hopes to have them at least semi-automatic for deployment/retraction. Not totally satisfied with the cabling, Al will be experimenting with dyed nylon rope as a replacement for the current steel cabling.
Pets also ride at no charge
MLS member from Flagstaff, John Lovely, preps #7 for a head of steam
Carroll Enders with his 2-8-0
ICRR 4-8-2 Mountain class #2411
Hudson Coal Company #15
A closeup of the 'back head'
The less glamorous side of this 3-truck SHAY
Phillip Nilsson from Durango, CO, knows how to blow the whistle without steam
Jerry Smolyk is stepping from RailsUSA to RailsCanada
MLS member Chuck Larom at the controls of the traveling crane
With tender truck lifted, it's just a matter of shifting the tender which is riding on the bar
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