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Item information:

DSC7357 (Bill Wolf, GGHS Motorman)
DSC7813 (Rod H, Goose #1 Motorman)
DSC7818 (Bill Lund & Bill White)
DSC8091 (Jerry Day from Durango)
DSC8094 (Yours truly,  Lorne Noyes)
DSC8095 (Brad from Phoenix)
DSC8096 (Bill Lund (Denver) & Bill White (Littleton, CO))
DSC8097 (John Freedman from Queensland, Australia)
DSC8106 (Wacky roger & John Bush)
DSC8107_edited-1 (Bill Wolf & John Randall sharing a joke)
DSC8108 (Jeff Taylor, #5's newest motorman)
DSC8111 (Al Blount, Motorman and VP Board of Trustees - Colorado Railroad Museum)
DSC8158 (Lower Row: Jeff Taylor and Lew Matis
Upper Row: John Randall, Scott Gibbs, Bill Wolf, Joe Beringer, Larry Gibson)
DSC8160 (Colorado Railroad Museum Members
Rick C., volunteer; Al Blount, VP Board of Trustees; Doug S., volunteer)
DSC8174 ((need a name))
DSC8216_edited-1 (Dinner at The High Country Restaurant: (L- R) 1st ROW John Randall , Chris Wgiser, Joe Beringer: 2nd ROW; Lorne Noyes, Lew Matis, Larry Gibson, Bill Wolf, Ed Stabler)
IMG_1916 (Wayne Weiss
Salida Roundhouse Hobby Shop)

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