2016 September 26 'Wild Goose Chase' & Fall Colors by...
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Item information:

_DSC8262 (Rio Chama in the midst of color change)
_DSC8263 (Near Lobato Trestle, otherwise known as Weed City.)
_DSC8273 (Goose #5 pulled into Lobato Siding and waited for westbound Train #215)
_DSC8277 (Back on the main with "Colorado Joe"  Bicker as motorman)
_DSC8287 (Safety check at Cresco Tank)
_DSC8290 (Hamilton Point)
_DSC8292 (I don't think Barb and Anna like their photos taken.  They look good to me!)
_DSC8295 (Approaching Windy Point)
_DSC8306 (Cumbres Pass Section House)
_DSC8308 (Inside the remains of the snow shed on the wye)
_DSC8321 (NOT Windy Point)
_DSC8324 (Windy Point)
_DSC8334 (Bulrushes or Cattails (take your pick) entering the end of their life cycle.)
_DSC8338 (Looking down into the abyss from Lobato Trestle.)
_DSC8343 (A coyote checking us out)
_DSC8352 (3 deer are unafraid as Goose #5 passes)
_DSC8353 (Jukes Tree)
_DSC8361 (The crew, as Molly our waitress holds on to the first tray of dinners. Another waitress took the picture and it's a little out of focus, but it's the memory that counts!)

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