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Rio Chama in the midst of color change
Near Lobato Trestle, otherwise known as Weed City.
Goose #5 pulled into Lobato Siding and waited for westbound Train #215
Back on the main with "Colorado Joe" Bicker as motorman
Safety check at Cresco Tank
Hamilton Point
I don't think Barb and Anna like their photos taken. They look good to me!
Approaching Windy Point
Cumbres Pass Section House
Inside the remains of the snow shed on the wye
NOT Windy Point
Windy Point
Bulrushes or Cattails (take your pick) entering the end of their life cycle.
Looking down into the abyss from Lobato Trestle.
A coyote checking us out
3 deer are unafraid as Goose #5 passes
Jukes Tree
The crew, as Molly our waitress holds on to the first tray of dinners. Another waitress took the picture and it's a little out of focus, but it's the memory that counts!
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