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  3. 2016 Geese #5 & #7 + #315 Sunday, August 282016 Geese #5 & #7 + #315  Sunday, August 28
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_DSC8094 (Yours truly,  Lorne Noyes.  It's 7.15am, and a little cool.  I look stuffed because I have a down vest under the coat.  I handed my camera to Jerry Day who took the photo.)
_DSC8091 (Jerry Day, well known railroad photographer.)
_DSC8095 (Brad from Phoenix uses Hi-Def equipment for playback on BlueRay players,)
_DSC8096 (Bill White (Littleton, CO) & Bill Lund (Denver CO).  They kindly offered me transportation to Osier on Day 3.  My Miata does not fair well off-road)
_DSC8097 (John Freedman from Queensland, Australia,  probably traveled the farthest to attend)
_DSC8098 (Giving the Goose Crews orders for today's run was Wade Hall, C&TS dispatcher and (sometimes) pilot for special 'foreign power".)
_DSC8102 (Galloping Goose Historical Society member, Larry Gibson from Michigan, oiling around, was part of the crew this week.)
_DSC8105 (Rendezvous Special pulls out of Chama at 8:01am headed with K-27 #463)
_DSC8107_edited-1 (Bill Wolf, motorman, and John Randall, motorman and crew leader, share a joke with others prior to Rendezvous departure.  I must be getting old because, I can't remember the joke!!)
_DSC8108 (This is Jeff Taylor, our newest Goose #5 motorman.  Jeff comes with years of experience running Goose #3 at Knott's Berry Farm.   Jeff will be closer to the action now that he is working at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO)
_DSC8111 (Al Blount, motorman of Goose #7.  Al is also VP on the Board of Trustees at the Colorado Railroad Museum.)
_DSC8113 (Goose #7 leads the way to 'the Pass')
_DSC8115 (#5 "running hot and on the loose" if you are familiar C W McCall's song "The Gallopin Goose" chasing #7)
_DSC8117 (Rendezvous Special w/#463 is third in line.)
_DSC8119 (The Geese coming out of 'the Narrows"  A sight you just don't see every day)
_DSC8128 (Now its Engine #463 turn)
_DSC8134 (The trio have pulled into Lobato and are waiting for regular eastbound Train 216 to pass.)
_DSC8136 (Speaking of which)
_DSC8139 (Remember the box car that was set out on this siding on Friday, Day 3?  Well, it was still there, so all 3 had to back out onto the main.)
_DSC8145 (One of my favorite photo spots, Perry's Pond.)
_DSC8146 (The Geese pull into Cumbres Pass)
_DSC8148 (The 'Serious Railfans" concoct a plan, but before that happens, I drop my camera bag and photograph the 'Photoline".  I count six in the group photographing me!)
_DSC8152 (This was the plan.  We corralled John Randall to pose with this vintage Model T, beautifully restored, when #463 arrived at Cumbres Pass.  Notice how John is checking his pocket watch.  My timing was to get #463 thru the windshield, and was I lucky!)
_DSC8158 (Galloping Goose #5 Crew:
Front Row: Jeff Taylor and Lew Matis
Back Row: John Randall, Scott Gibbs, Bill Wolf, Joe Beringer, Larry Gibson)
_DSC8160 (Rick, Al, and Doug from the Colorado Railroad Museum)
_DSC8161 (Pile Driver demo photo line)
_DSC8162 (Pile Driver OB getting ready to operate; first by raising the boom)
_DSC8164 (Now with supports in place, the hammer can be raised and dropped, assuming you have something like a post to put in the ground)
IMG_1914 (Raised weight on the gelatin.  I would like to know what the 'hammer' weighs?)
IMG_1904 (With post in place, it's ready for the hammer to come down.)
IMG_1903 (What a great day for the demonstration)
_DSC8168 (Next on the agenda was clearing westbound Train 215 in order for the 'Special' to back down to a point above Tanglefoot Curve.)
IMG_1934 (I rode back on Goose #5, and as the double header continued to backup, the photoline was established a few hundred feet down the line.)
IMG_1935 (Here we are waiting for the first runby.)
IMG_1936 (Double header on the right, Geese on the left, we're ready for action.)
_DSC8176 (Both engines whistled off and proceeded up Tanglefoot Curve.)
_DSC8180 (Did I mention how great the sound from 2 steam engines was in this small meadow???)
IMG_1939 (Our second photoline location.)
_DSC8192 (A nice pond reflection)
IMG_1942 (Our third photoline location on the hillside.  To the surprise of us all, we had 4 runbys.  To my dismay, I didn't take my tripod for videos this trip!)
_DSC8207 (We got back to Cumbres Pass on the Geese and got this shot of the Double Header coming in.)
_DSC8213 (The engines split up to pull the freight and passenger sections.)
IMG_1951 (My last photo was of Goose #5 coming past Windy Point)
_DSC8216_edited-1 (Dinner at The High Country Restaurant with some of the Goose #5.   Our waiter volunteered to take this photo, which allowed me to be included. 

1st ROW John Randall , Chris Wgiser, Joe Beringer: 
2nd ROW; Lorne Noyes, Lew Matis, Larry Gibson, Bill Wolf, Ed Stabler)

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