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Item information:

DSC7133 (Inside the cab of Goose #7)
DSC7134 (Notice the 'suicide doors' on Goose #7)
DSC7137 (Al Blount, Colorado Railroad Museum VP Board of Trustees, was our Motorman.)
DSC7141 (Seating behind Al is Rick  -  Colorado Railroad Museum volunteer.)
DSC7143 (Lobato Trestle)
DSC7151 (Goose #5 has stopped at Cresco, and is waiting for us.)
DSC7166_edited-1 (Ladies in Waiting)
DSC7176 (Goose #7 passes the most photographed pond on the C&TS)
_DSC7182 (#5's turn)
_DSC7185 (Walking back to the 'Geese' after the run by.)
_DSC7190 (Windy Point from Goose #7)
_DSC7193 (Goose #5 in the distance rounding Windy Point)
_DSC7197 (Arriving at Cumbres Pass (10,040 feet).)
_DSC7201 (Bill Wolf sticks his head out of #5, while Joe Beringer, John Randall, and Lew Matis discuss important matters.)
_DSC7207 (Lew Matis flags the road crossing as I now photograph from the back of Goose #5)
_DSC7211 (We are approaching Tanglefoot Curve)
_DSC7217 (The majority of goosefans disembark on the upper lever, allow the geese to run down the curve for us to photograph.)
_DSC7238 (Cowboys herding cattle near Los Pinos water tank)
_DSC7248_edited-1 (I have never seen so many hawks along the right-of-way as of this year.)
_DSC7256 (432' long Cascade Trestle as seen from the back door of Goose #5)
_DSC7261 (Osier, Colorado, in the distance.)
_DSC7269 (The Geese arrived before both Eastbound Train #216 and Westbound Train #215)
_DSC7271 (Goose #7 appears to be on someone's model railroad)
_DSC7301 (Now westbound as we leave Osier, CO)
_DSC7311 (Train #316 can be seen in the distance while her passengers enjoy a great dinner of turkey, with salad and dessert.)
_DSC7323 (A runby of both Geese on Cascade Trestle)
_DSC7332 (Motorman Bill Wolf at the controls, while Joe Beringer rides shotgun.)
_DSC7333 (We radioed Goose to stop on the trestle so we could photograph #7, while they in #7 photographed us in #5)
_DSC7343 (More hawks)
_DSC7347 (Coming up Tanglefoot Curve)
_DSC7352 (We ran into rain as we approached 'the pass'.)
_DSC7373 (Departing Cumbres Pass in #5)
_DSC7383 (West of Windy Point)
_DSC7388 (Looking west from Hamilton Point)
_DSC7394 (Stopping a Cresco Tank)
_DSC7395 (The tank this year is leaking profusely (see left side of http://)
_DSC7404 (No, Joe is not littering!  He dropped the red rag as a test for #7's stopping ability.)
_DSC7407 (Lew Matis flagging the crossing for the Geese in the rain.  THANKS, LEW!)
_DSC7409 (A very wet Lobato Trestle)
_DSC7411 (Crossing the Rio Chama)
_DSC7420 (Parking #5)
_DSC7425 (With the 'Geese' parked, it's our turn to photograph the incoming #316)
_DSC7430 (Time to check fuel levels on #7)
_DSC7434 (Re-fueling #5)
_DSC7438 (Train #215 has been turned on the wye and comes back into the station at Chama.  John Randall asked if I would like #5's lights ON.  You bet, John.)

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