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Busy morning activities in the Chama yard
Engineer Tracy Mudd getting ready for Thursday's run
Helper engine #489 will go in for coal as soon as Goose #5 clears the track
Looks like a Road Trip!
#489 heads in for coal, while "Wacky roger" (Roger Hogan) flies his quad-copter (upper left)
Goose #5 approaches Lobato Trestle
Goose 7 approaches the 'S' curve that everybody photographs
Deliberately taken from the 'wrong side' to get the cliffs in the background
Waiting in the shadows
Motorman Bill Wolf checking the engine and oiling bearings
And they're off. Next stop Coxo Crossing
Photos now taken from 'Roger's Rock', across from Windy Point.
Geese rounding Windy Point
Geese winding down Tanglefoot Curve
A good view of the roof detail of Goose #7
Goose #5 at Apache Crossing
A new photo location for me. It's around a mile or so above Los Pinos Tank
#5 passing Los Pinos Tank
I was hoping to get both Geese in this photo, but #7 was running slower than #5
I got back to Cumbres Pass to discover that the double header had arrived. Conductor Ray Gonzales is on the foot plate of helper #489, ready to pull the pin.
#489 is now on the passing siding, and will soon head for the wye.
Engine #484 departing 'the Pass'. I first rode behind that engine in 1971
Eastbound Train #316 leaving Cumbres Pass
Engine #489 is about to back into the last remaining section of the snowshed on the wye.
Waiting on the DS for permission to drift back to Chama
Meanwhile, back in Chama, engines #463 and #315 are standing by. LOTS of smoke was blowing in front of the engine house.
The time is 4:29pm and Westbound Train #315 has been turned by #387 and sits in front of the Chama Station. Engine #315 is getting ready for an evening departure.
I put my work gloves on and helped select the right size coal for #315
#315 is heading for "the Pass" with 5 freight cars that will remain there for the next days activities.
It's amazing how much interest this extra movement creates. Engine #315 is exiting "the Narrows".
The hoghead had his hands full with C-18 #315 It does not look like much of a grade coming thru the Narrow, but she was maxed out and 'slipping down' a lot. Very deceptive.
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