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Early morning activity in front of the Engine House
D&RGW C-18 #315 with her cylinders cocks open, makes her first move of the day.
The hidden fireman, with shovel in hand, stokes the fire box.
A composition in black & white.
Rails come in handy when you can't see the road.
Conductor Allen climbs aboard as #315 leaves Chama.
With Juke's Tree towering in the background, Extra 315 east starts her day under darkening skies.
With more than she can handle, #315 struggles thru the Narrows
The sound of a hammer can be heard over the exhaust as the volunteers knock down large chunks of coal for a hungry #315
"Happy Campers" in a crowded caboose
Taxed beyond her limit, #315 sets out a box car at Weed City. This will lead to additional moves for tomorrows activities.
Conductor Allen readies the switch
The excess box is stashed away next to the main line with only the roof walk and brake wheel showing
Let's try this again!
Black and White imaging adds to the feeling of yesteryear.
With more coal being stoked, steam pressure is up, the safety valves lift. With lots of rain this year, everything is green.
More than a little interest is evident as Highway 17 gets crowded
More than a little interest is evident as Highway 17 gets crowded
Reflection of the open firebox
Climbing into the clouds pass Otto Perry Pond just below Coxo Crossing
This C-18 deserves a drink of water
Engine #315 as assembled the cars from last night and today's freight cars. Conductor Alan is about to climb aboard, while Conductor Ed chats with two photographers.
Eastbound Train #216 pulls in to Cumbres Pass
The Varnish heads out first, ahead of the Special
What a pretty sight! Heading into Tanglefoot Curve
Storm clouds are gathering on the western horizon as the Special rounds Tanglefoot Curve
Who are the lucky ones? Whose riding or those watching? I think the answer is both!
Ducks creating wakes on a mountain pond.
Hundreds of thousands of dead pine cover the hills due to the Bark Beetle infestation a few years ago.
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