2014 Maricopa Live Steamers ... Fall Meet by ArizonaLorne
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Mike Crest
Cliff Fought with his newly built unit. The next time, I hope to see this engine lettered, numbered, weathered and with zebra strips!!
Steve Davis
John Lovely from Flagstaff
Steve Davis attends to his PRR Pacific
I wonder if CN has ever leased a UP dash 9?
Jerry Smolyk jacks up CNR F7 9162 for a minor repair
Paul Chenoweth enters the ballon heading for the station
John Draftz engineers for the visitors
Preparing for the next major storm takes alot of excavation
Riding the overpass with a wide angel lens gives a new perspective
Engineer Josh with dad Tony in second seat.
Marty Simmons
If I were to guess, do to how it came off the switch, the guage maybe to tight. What do you think Bill Lowe?
Steve Davis
With this hand held controller, Roy Stevens can run his train from anywhere he likes. On the ground, from the caboose, or near the engine. Roy business site: http://www.ridetrains.net/index.htm
Roy Stevens demo'd his sound system utilizing a SoundTraxx Tsunami chip. Ride Trains web site: http://www.ridetrains.net/index.htm
Here's a case of mixing scales. 2.5 inch engine and 1.5 inch caboose
On going maintenance is a week in, week out for Jim
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