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Railway Age 1992a 001
Railway Age 1992b 001
All About Railroading a 001
All About Railroading b 001
RR Crossties 2000 001
_DSC0546 (This wall of plaques deserves mentioning:  ZURICH is a major insurance carrier for railroads and each year they present certificates (and pins)  to various railroads for best safety records, or most improved safety record, etc.  The Copper Basin Railway has won this award many times and ZURICH has (re)named it, the Jake Award.  That says a lot about Jake and 'his' railroad!   Yours truly was given a pin as a parting gift from Jake!  Thank you sir, and also for the time you gave for a personal tour of the yard and facilities.)
_DSC0543a (L.S. "Jake" Jacobson is the man in charge as President and COO of the Copper Basin Railway (CBRY).  I found it quite obvious that the workers have the highest esteem for this gentleman.)
_DSC0528 (Repair Shop)
_DSC0539 (Clean and organized describe this shop area.)
_DSC0540 (These trucks are being readied to roll under an ore care.)
_DSC0527 (CBRY 503 ex-CO GP39,  CBRY 505 ex-C&O GP39,   CBRY 203 ex-CRI&P 1256/4422 reblt from GP7  GP18,  CBRY 402 GP39,   CBRY 303 Former HLCX  GP40-2)
_DSC0531 (CBRY 201 ex-CRI&P GP18)
_DSC0532 (CBRY 203 ex-CRI&P 1256/4422 reblt from GP7 1256 GP18.     This appears to be for track maintenance:  My guess is the 5 dump cars are for 'rip rap', tank for weed control, then flats full of used ties.  I didn't take a close look.)
_DSC0542 (Jake took my photo just to prove that I wasn't wasting time at the local saloon.)
_DSC0554 (CBRY pulls and empties half the ore train, then the power runs around the train and pushes the balance thru the crusher.)
_DSC0547 (The CBRY spearheads an annual Christmas toy drive in conjunction with the Salvation Army and local fire departments.  This is Jake's personal Ford Mustang that is parked near the highway and is a drop off point for presents for the underprivileged children in the area.)

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