1974 Southwest Forest Industries. by ArizonaLorne
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Back in the 1970's, Southwest Forest Industries old #12 was displayed at the Coconino County Fairgrounds. The right-of-way use to be next to the engine.
RR 1967 SWF 8
On the east side of Lake Mary Road are the remains of the bridge over the small canyon, north of Lower Lake Mary.
RR 1967 SWF 9
RR 1967 SWF 7_filtered
Looking north are the San Francisco Peaks.
RR 1967 SWF 10
RR 1967 SWF 11_filtered
RR 1967 SWF 12_filtered
RR 1967 SWF 13
Harry Jergens getting a souvenir from this, what use to be, log car.
RR 1967 SWF 14
RR 1967 SWF 15
RR 1967 SWF 16
RR 1967 SWF 17_filtered
Harry Jergens next to his 'new' Toyota. Interesting drainage pipes.
Engine #25 used to be on the Southwest Forest Industries property off of Butler Avenue in Flagstaff.
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